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Share-Alike Materials

The content and structure of the LAT Short Courses were designed so that they can be used productively in many different teacher education programs. Providing options for other teacher educators to customize, amend, and append the modules and supporting materials, however, offers the most flexibility for using these materials. This is why we have released the courses in a modularized (easier-to-modify) format on this Web site, along with an invitation to mix, remix, and otherwise customize the materials according to the needs of different groups of teacher-learners and the instructional preferences of their professors.

The Creative Commons BY-SA license under which these short courses are released stipulates only that the original authors (and later contributors) are attributed in all succeeding derivatives of the work, and that those derivatives are released under the same BY-SA license ( In addition, we request that all derivatives of these short courses be sent to us ( and  so that we can post them here for other instructors to use and adapt. We hope that our efforts will catalyze more widespread sharing and adaptation of TPACK-based learning materials among teacher educators.

The share-alike materials that have been sent to us to date are:


LAT Lesson Planning Guide      
(contributed by Sue Anderson, Texas Christian University, USA)

Student Checklist                  
(contributed by Sue Anderson, Texas Christian University, USA)

Sample Assignments:

Example LAT Lesson Planning Guide
(contributed by Sue Anderson, Texas Christian University, USA)