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Thanks to these teacher education students who contributed lesson plans that are used in these short courses:

Julia Baum & Jacey Hayes
Jaclyn Beck
Emily Bird
Erin Blissard
Rachel Felix Bristow
Kylee Brown
Francine Cilke
Elizabeth Clark
Megan Dent
Giovanna DiPasquale
Sonya Edwards
Hannah Friedman
Sarah Gaspari
Kelsey Glass
Clara Goldfield
Sarah Gunter
Laura Hall
Caitlin Hanacek
Steven Jette
Heather Jones
Kristin Kurtz
Cayia Leffel
Avery Lim
Dana Lotito
Meghan McGovern
Molly Menickelly
Molly Norrbom
Devon Oberle
Sarah Richardson
Richard Rossini
Emil Storgaard
Jake Todd
Lauren Turner
Kiana Wister
Lee Ann Zies




Thanks to these instructors who provided helpful feedback and ideas during the development of these short course materials:

Sue Anderson
Tina Manglicmot
Julie Marsh

Thanks to these collaborators who provided important content, technological assistance, and advice during the production of these short course materials:

Marquita Hockaday & Leah Shy
Interview videos: Josh Chung
Closed captioning: Leah Shy
LATs logo design: Eliana Hofer
Website: Kim Rodriguez
Media consultation:
April Lawrence & Brandon Corbett
OER support:
Kathleen DeLaurenti & Jamison Miller

We gratefully acknowledge support for this work from William & Mary's Swem Library and the Office of the Provost via a fall 2015 OER minigrant.