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TPACK Newsletters are provided free of charge to subscribers who are interested in research about technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK). Published approximately bimonthly, and distributed via an email list hosted in the School of Education at the College of William & Mary in Virginia, USA, the newsletters are compiled and edited as a service to the international TPACK community. The publication began in January 2009 as an activity of the TPACK SIG (special interest group) of the Society for Information Technology in Teacher Education (SITE).

To subscribe to the TPACK newsletter, send a blank email to, with the following text in the subject line: subscribe FirstName LastName . (Substitute your own first and last names for ‘FirstName’ and ‘LastName’ — unless your name happens to be FirstName LastName, in which case you can just leave it as is).

TPACK Newsletters:

Issue 32 March 2017
Issue 31 December 2016
Issue 30 September 2016

Issue 29

July 2016

Issue 28

May 2016

Issue 27

March 2016 (special conference issue)

Issue 26

February 2016

Issue 25

October 2015

Issue 24

August 2015

Issue 23

May 2015

Issue 22

February 2015

Issue 21

September 2014

Issue 20

May 2014

Issue 19

March 2014

Issue 18

December 2013

Issue 17

September 2013

Issue 16

May 2013

Issue 15

March 2013 (special conference issue)

Issue 14

February 2013

Issue 13

December 2012

Issue 12

September 2012

Issue 11

October 2011

Issue 10

May 2011

Issue 9

March 2011 (special conference issue)

Issue 8

February 2011

Issue 7

March-April 2010

Issue 6

January-February 2010

Issue 5

October-November 2009

Issue 4

August-September 2009

Issue 3

April 2009

Issue 2

February 2009

Issue 1

January 2009

Pre-Newsletter References

2007-2008 TPACK publications