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Welcome to the Learning Activity Types (LATs) Website!

This is a virtual place for teachers and teacher educators who are learning how to develop and operationalize TPACK (Technology, Pedagogy, and Content Knowledge) via use of curriculum-based learning activity types ("LATs") in instructional planning. The most recent versions of our open-access LATs taxonomies, assessment tools, and professional learning materials, plus links to many of our LATs publications and presentations, are available here.

The curricula and teaching strategies for which we have developed learning activity types taxonomies appear in the menu on the left. Please use these links to view both interactive and downloadable (.pdf) versions of the taxonomies and related resources.

Not sure what LATs are or how they are used to help teachers to develop their TPACK? Please begin by reading one or both of the articles that are linked near the top of the left-hand menu and/or take the short course that's also linked there.

Thanks for visiting, and please bookmark this site so that you can return as this collection of open-content, open-access resources continues to grow.

Judi Harris & Mark Hofer
William & Mary School of Education
Williamsburg, Virginia USA

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